The Social Values

We respect all unwritten “values” of morality that society accepts and attaches importance to.

Occupational Health and Safety

In our company, we carefully follow the rules on occupational health and safety. By complying with the occupational health and safety instructions, we provide complete personal protective equipment and offer the healthiest and safest working environment for our employees.

The Natural Life

We do not pollute nature by continuously improving our production processes and we do not throw waste material into the environment unconsciously. By making this a continuity, we support the protection of natural life.

Energy Efficiency

We are taking steps to ensure energy efficiency and improve our production processes. We approach this issue in a sensitive manner with all of our employees in order to prevent energy waste.

Social Responsibility

We are trying to take part in every project that will benefit society’s needs. With our employees and business partners, we continue to support every project that will contribute to the progress of society.

The Rights of Stakeholders

We declare, recognize and protect the rights of all stakeholders with whom we are engaged, as set out in the laws and bilateral agreements. We always carry out our responsibilities towards our stakeholders with the awareness of “mutual respect and understanding”.

Intelligence Secrecy

We never share agreements and contracts containing all kinds of financial, commercial, technical and strategic information with third parties.


We maintain relations with our stakeholders within the framework of the principles of trust and reputation, without merely pursuing material value and profit. We attach great importance to issues of trust and reputation.

Fraudulent Product

We do not try to gain unfair advantage by claiming to have the correct and intact quality of our products or services. We do not make concessions to the personnel who are acting in this direction. By paying the utmost attention to quality control, we carefully monitor every process from the moment the raw material of the product enters our warehouse until it reaches the customer.

Unfair Competition

We never try to get ahead of our competitors by making misleading statements. We do not make misleading, negative, unethical statements about our competitors and their products to our customers..


We always encourage our staff to improve themselves by thinking in an innovative way. We offer our staff a peaceful working environment where they can work in harmony and as a team, by taking their opinions on a system of mutual feedback and suggestions made at regular intervals.