Cornices Mouldings

With its aesthetic appearance and smooth texture, our Cornices add a new atmosphere to living spaces.


Add aesthetics to spaces.

Cornices change the atmosphere of your living spaces with their aesthetic stance. It adds a stylish look to any space, regardless of modern or classic.

Cornice Models

Cornices Mouldings

KP-190-001 Cornices

Cornices Mouldings

KP-185-001 Cornices

Cornices Mouldings

KP-120-002 Cornices

Cornices Mouldings

KP-117-001 Cornices

Cornices Mouldings

KP_050_001- Cornices

Cornices Mouldings

KP_020_001- Cornices


Special design and production support for your projects.

Specialist Architects and Designers with the skills of Polipiyer custom design, offer an impressive experience in Cornices from design to production with its advanced production facility spread over tens of thousands of square meters.

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Cornice Implementations

How about getting some inspiration? Introducing Cornice applications from real life.

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