Product Features


Polyurethane is a unique synthetic polymer material of unlimited capacity. It was first produced in Germany by Bayer George Wilhelm in 1937. Its industrial production began in Germany in 1944 and in the USA in 1957. The main characteristics of polyurethane are high physical and chemical properties and fluidity. Thanks to these features, polyurethane can be used in most areas of industry and in modern day-to-day life.

Product Features

Lightness and Durability

Although very light due to its carbon structure, it is extremely durable. Polyurethane products are up to 50 times more durable than rubber, plastics, iron and other building materials and retain their shape even under cyclical loads. At the same time, it was observed that it was 1 to 8 lighter compared to natural stone coatings of similar sizes. Thanks to their flexible structure and lightness, polyurethane products are minimally affected by natural disasters.

Fire Resistance

Polyurethane products maintain a structure between-80 and +85 degrees. Due to its low thermal conductivity, it delays the spread of fire.

Sound Insulation

Polyurethane products used as a coating reduce the sound that can be heard inside and outside the building

Moisture and Water Proofing

Polyurethane coatings do not interact with water and retain their primary insulating properties at high moisture levels. Thanks to this feature, it can be used in the exterior coating of buildings in damp environments and gives the surfaces full waterproofing. In addition, polyurethane offers excellent protection and durability against ultraviolet reactions and acid corrosion.koruma ve dayanıklılık sunar.

Product Advantages


Thanks to its smooth and shiny surface, it is very suitable for painting and can be easily painted in the desired color.

Easy Assembling

It’s very easy to install. It is easy to install using an appropriate adhesive without the need for drilling holes, fillings and similar preparations in the wall. The quantity of assembly per day is more than other products.

Aesthetic Appearance

It adds an esthetic appearance to the areas used.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

It’s easy to clean and maintain. It does not crack, spill or deform. It does not cause bacteria, molds or fungi.

Technical Specifitacions

Intensity Range

140-240 gr/m3

Water Absorption Capacity

1,3 – 1,5 %

Non-Effective Porosity

95 %

40% Deformation Under Pressure

2,1 – 3,0 Mpa

Remaining Deformation A

fter 40% Deformation

8 – 10 %

Destructive Pressure Under Contortion

1,7 – 2,3 Mpa

Destructive Pressure Under Compression

0,85 – 1,34 Mpa

Relative Fleciton Under Compression

11 – 14 %

Heat Transfer Coefficient

0,017 – 0,019 VT/mK

Thermal Resistance Coefficient

0,457 m2K/Vt

Fire Resistance

B1 – hardly falmmable (DIN4102)

Application Temperature

From -80 C , to +80 C


Technical data is obtained after the test studies that is carried out from the sample of 200*100*15 mm.