Where are you located?

We are located in the biggest Organized Industrial Zone in ANKARA, the capital city of Turkey.

What is the area and size of your factory?

Our factory is built on a 18.000 marea with a closed area of 8.000m2 + 2000m2.

What is the quality of your products? (density, shore and etc.)

We produce our products on European Standards. A Technical Data Sheet (TDS) is available to have a better understanding of our products’ main properties.

What is your packaging standard?

We have our own standard but we easily optimize our packaging style according to our clients’ needs.

Do you have your own Adhesive?

We use three different glues; for interior – exterior application and for our products. We supply the glues to our clients accordingly.

Stamping and Labeling?

Normally our labels are inside of our molds. However, according to our clients’ needs we have the ability to label our products with external operations.

Privacy of design and product

If you have your own design and special products. We are eager to sign NDA’s to protect your privacy for long term collaborations.

Can you produce custom models?

In our factory we are able to make our own molds. Any product that you see in anywhere in the World, our team of experts are able to draw, design and produce it for you.

Do you have a production in different sectors?

Yes. We have different business lines like; Interior decoration, exterior facading, Furniture OEM, Industrial OEM.

Do you have architectural support?

Yes. Our team of architects are always ready to assist you and your projects upon your requests. We can draw for your custom projects or we can send you our own drawings to use in your own projects.

Do you provide marketing tools for your partners?

We have different type of support for our partners and dealers. Please contact us for further information.

Do you send some samples of your products?

Yes. We have our own sample box with three different show cards and different products. We are sending our samples to whole world within 2-4 days.

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